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Perfume Oil Rollerball 6ml Madagascar Vanilla


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Capture the allure of Madagascar’s rich landscape with this nourishing perfume oil featuring the warm essence of vanilla bean, the subtle floralcy of vanilla orchid, and a hint of coconut. 


  • Vessel

    Housed in a glass vessel tinted with a warm amber hue featuring a steel rollerball that offers a completely unique fragrance experience.

  • Weight:6ml | 0.2 fl oz.

  • Key Ingredients

    This gourmand perfume oil features Madagascar vanilla, one of the most expensive crops in the world in part because of the elaborate care it needs all season long. The vanilla orchid must be hand pollinated by skilled harvesters, who then spend a year curing and drying each pod to perfection, giving dozens of local villages a source of livelihood. The Madagascar vanilla extract is artfully blended with nourishing baobab oil for a sensuous formula that melts into your skin while leaving behind a long-lasting fragrance.